Getting the Best Eurozone Roulette Odds

When you’ve played American roulette, chances are you’ve observed the European version of the wheel – the European wheel. It typically features black and red numbers, with a single red zero (no double zero) on the fifth slot. If you’ve seen the European wheel before, however, you may wonder how the wheel is rendered on a computer screen. The answer is fairly simple, as it is for most versions of roulette. The European roulette wheel is simply drawn the same way it’s presented on a map.

european roulette

Roulette players who’ve seen the European version of the wheel know that the red numbers are arranged in columns that alternate in vertical form, like in basketball. The reason that the numbers alternate in vertical fashion is to help with determining whether a number can be picked off of the board (and thus doubled or tripled in odds), or if it can’t. In American roulette, however, players know that the red numbers should not be randomly arranged on the wheel. Why?

When players place their bets, they place their bets along the slots that correspond to the colors of the numbers that are on the board. The colors that are most commonly used in European roulette are black and red. Players who place their bets in the wrong slots will find themselves out of luck. As a rule, players who place their bets outside the proper slots will pay the full amount of their bets, no matter how much they bet. This rule is meant to prevent players from betting more than they can afford to lose.

Because many of the larger casinos in European roulette games are owned by just one company, they are able to pass on high costs associated with such ownership to their customers. This allows these casinos to offer very attractive bonuses and promotions to new customers, sometimes offering them sign ups for a” VIP” or” VIP Plus” card. Even though many players may feel that this sort of promotion is a scam, some larger casinos have been known to give players special prizes, merchandise and free spins to loyal customers.

In both roulette games, winning requires careful management of one’s time. In roulette with outside bets, one’s winnings are limited to the amount of times one has played (i.e., the number of times one plays black or red). In roulette with inside bets, the winnings can be unlimited (provided that zero is on the table). It should be noted that in the case of French roulette where there are only two types of bets (red or black), the winnings in each game are exclusive to the player making the outside bet (i.e., if you bet red and someone bets black, you still get your winnings even if someone else bets black – the same principle applies as with American roulette).

It is important to note that all the money wagered goes to the house and is not shared by players. Thus, the more people who place winning bets, the higher the house edge. The European roulette odds reflect the amount of time it takes to bet and win. As such, players should play carefully and ensure they don’t expose themselves to unnecessary risks.