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The quintessential Andrew Sullivan – Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post

“Blogger Andrew Sullivan charged Sunday that, whereas in December of last year I advocated a gasoline tax, in my “latest column” on climate change, “the gas tax idea is missing.” “Why?” asks Sullivan. Because: “In the end, the conservative intelligentsia … Continue reading

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7 stories Barack Obama doesn’t want told – JOHN F. HARRIS, Politico

“The Obama White House argues that all of these storylines are inaccurate or unfair. In some cases these anti-Obama narratives are fanned by Republicans, in some cases by reporters and commentators.  “But they all are serious threats to Obama, if … Continue reading

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NYT: POTUS’ plan has unraveled’ – Politico

“A remarkably tough, even hostile, NYT lead editorial  Saturday on Obama’s MidEast peace efforts. Beneath the headline “Diplomacy 101”, the paper says POTUS’ plan has “unraveled,” his “credibility is so diminished,” “we see no sign that [Obama and Mitchell] were … Continue reading

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Dean: Obama’s Stimulus “Unbelievably Successful in Saving Jobs … He’s Going to Get Re-Elected” – PoliJam

Howard Dean is not of this world… Click to read more

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The inconvenient truths Mr Gore and his fanatical friends DIDN’T tell you about climate change – Peter Hitchens, The Daily Mail, UK

“As it happens I was Green before the word came to mean what it does now. “From a very early age, I hated the ploughing up of this country for the motor car, and grieved at the mad closure of … Continue reading

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The Earth has her own tricks to keep the carbon count in control – Ian Plimer, Professor Of Geology At The University Of Adelaide

“Perhaps it is comforting to believe that science is an absolute discipline: immune from fads, fanatics and frauds, untroubled by extremists, evangelists, glory-seekers and bigots. But it is not. It is as vulnerable to the vested interests and biases of … Continue reading

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Lord Monckton: Shut Down The UN, Arrest The Warmist Criminals – Paul Joseph Watson

“Publicly they’re saying the science is settled, we’re all doomed unless you close down the economies of the west, whereas privately they’re saying to each other ‘we’ve got it wrong, none of this adds up and it’s a travesty that … Continue reading

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