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Obama’s Treatment of Israel is Shocking – Ed Koch, Real Clear Politics

President Obama likes to talk about American arrogance, but his own arrogance is beyond the pale… President Obama’s abysmal attitude toward the State of Israel and his humiliating treatment of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is shocking. In the Washington Post … Continue reading

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A Trip Down Memory Lane…

With all of the media up in arms over “threats” to politicians (read that liberal politicians) coming from the “right wing” tea party groups – little or none of which has been substantiated, by the way – here’s a little … Continue reading

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The Administration’s Attack on American Business – Streiff, Red State

This is a very special pig Yesterday the White House went bonkers when several large corporations announced via their SEC filings that they were taking about $1.5 Billion in losses this quarter because of one provision in the health care … Continue reading

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Libs Run Wild & Riot; Jesse Jackson Fans Flames; Mainstream Media Mute – Johnny Alamo, Alamo City Pundit

Rev. Jesse Jackson calls this a “problem of insensitivity and detachment.” From KVAL in ever-so-liberal Portland, Oregon; comes this story of peaceful Liberals offended at the Police (naturally), and peacefully expressing their disagreements through tea and cookies seminars. NOT. {/sarcasm} … Continue reading

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Wait, What? President Obama Admits ObamaCare Not Cutting Costs Like He Promised – John Boehner

More Employers Report Squeeze From ObamaCare’s Job-Killing Tax Increases and Health Care Cost Hikes Washington, Mar 30 – With his new health care law already hurting our economy, President Obama now admits ObamaCare is not cutting costs like he repeatedly … Continue reading

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Searchlight vs. L.A.: Rival Rallies Reveal Stark Right/Left Divide – Pajamas Media

On March 27, 2010, thousands of people gathered in the small town of Searchlight, Nevada, for a political rally. Just 250 miles away and seven days earlier, there was another political rally of similar size in Los Angeles on March … Continue reading

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E-mail of the day: Confessions of a Census worker – Michelle Malkin

If even half of what this anonymous reader who e-mailed about his experience as a Census worker is true, imagine the squandering of tax dollars taking place on a mass scale. Crikey. Hi, Michelle: I would first like to apologize … Continue reading

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