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It’s Not About Guns vs. Butter, Mr. President

Cutting defense in the name of fixing the economy is NOT what the President is supposed to do – For one thing, it won’t fix the economy – especially when combined with the other policies that are in force. For … Continue reading

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Day By Day Cartoon for 8/31/10 – “I do think that at some point you’ve made enough money.”

“I do think that at some point you’ve made enough money.” This after he made 5 million dollars last year.. Of course, there are different levels of enough… Amplify’d from See more at   See this Amp at … Continue reading

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Maybe Obama isn’t Muslim – Maybe He’s Unitarian…

President Obama begins his sixth vacation of 2010 amid pancaking poll numbers and growing evidence that a double-dip recession is in the making. Other presidents have liked to get out of the fishbowl world of Washington, D.C., whether it be … Continue reading

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ADDRESSES BY ARCHBISHOP CHAPUT – Living within the truth: Religious liberty and Catholic mission in the new order of the world

Charles Chaput, Catholic Archbishop of Denver Colorado, addressed the first session of the 15th symposium for the Canon Law Association of Slovakia on Tuesday. He called upon Catholics in America and in Europe, to resist the world’s intolerance of Christianity. … Continue reading

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Population Control, Eugenics, Governments, The Catholic Church and Climate Change…

This is an extremely eye-opening video exposing the groups behind the Global Warming/ Climate Change movement, and showing the leadership of the Climate Change movement as they really are.. It also shows how the movement has sucked in religious bodies … Continue reading

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UN to Condemn the United States for Human Rights Violations?? – Patty, Amplify

This is outrageous!!!!!!! the very act of promoting this manure is a violation of human rights!!!!! I think that maybe we, as a country (when we can get leadership with the cojones to act in America’s interests), should: 1 – … Continue reading

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Barney Frank on Fannie and Freddie…

This is hiwwawious!

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