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EPA = Enhanced Poverty Agency

It seems that every time the EPA gets up in the morning another 10,000 people lose their jobs… I think the reverse should be true – every time working people get up in the morning, somebody at the EPA loses … Continue reading

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Patty Murray: The Stupidest Person in America

Amplify’d from Patty Murray: The Stupidest Person in America by Ann Coulter No liberal has standing to call any Republican stupid as long as Patty Murray remains in the U.S. Senate. Soon after being elected to the U.S. Senate in … Continue reading

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It’s Congress’ deficit – not the president’s

Amplify’d from The Pelosi-Reid Deficits Blame Congress, not presidents Bush or Obama, for our perilous fiscal situation. During a recent press conference, President Obama blamed George W. Bush for the nation’s fiscal condition. “When I walked in,” he declared, … Continue reading

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For those who give it all for those of us who stay at home…

God bless them.. And God bless the ones who don’t leave them behind… Amplify’d from ANGEL FLIGHT RadioTowerDVDMix.mpg See more at   See this Amp at

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10 Places Jobs Went – Melissa Clouthier…

Melissa Clouthier is one of my favorite people.. Love her comments attached to each header below.. Amplify’d from Krugman Asks: Where Are The Jobs? I Answer: 10 Places Jobs Went If I want to be irritated, I read Paul … Continue reading

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ACORN, voter registration fraud and absentee ballots..

It’s not, so much, the registration fraud that gets us as it is the absentee ballot fraud.. They can count these ballots but not military ballots? Amplify’d from Inside the ACORN vote fraud scam Over the last several election … Continue reading

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Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue – Toby Keith

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