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Melissa Clouthier gets down and dirty on the Goons in Cancun

Here are some excerpts from her post at I rather like this woman… Amplify’d from Saving The Climate One Middle Class Misery At A Time Posted by Melissa Clouthier on Nov 30 2010 Filed under Culture, Economy, Featured, … Continue reading

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The Starvation of America Continues With The Passing of S510

Here are just a few points contained in this bill, thankfully provided by Health Freedom USA. Just think about what is in this bill and then go throw up as I have. 1. It puts all US food and all … Continue reading

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ObamaCare Meltdown, Part II: Medicare Implosion

Congress is kiting checks with everything they do – moving money from one place to another to pay the bills and then moving more money from another place to replace the money they moved to the first place. And then … Continue reading

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Star of David found on the roof of Iran Air terminal in Tehran – They’re pretty ticked off about it..

This is quite entertaining… Amplify’d from Iran outraged as Star of David revealed on airport A satellite image of Tehran airport taken by Google Earth service outraged Iranian government officials as the Star of David appeared on the roof … Continue reading

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Tell Congress to stop government funding of Abortion!

If you are pro-life, click on the URL below to sign the petition to stop your dollars from funding abortions.. It just takes a second. “Our efforts to defund abortion are gaining momentum. Cecile Richards, President of America’s largest abortion … Continue reading

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What happened to Argentina looks amazingly like what’s happening in America

Don’t Cry For Me Argentina – America? Take a look at this powerpoint presentation and see if you can detect anything familiar happening today in the US… Argentina2

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Video: Why Keynesian policies fail

Artificially (and temporarily) stimulating the economy by taking private investment dollars and shifting them to consumers may give a bump in GDP, but permanent growth is only possible through growth in Gross Domestic Income. Temporary income only leads to temporary … Continue reading

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