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Obama Gets a Smackdown from Gov. Walker

Some pretty good comments on the site.. Amplify’d from Obama Gets a Smackdown from Gov. Walker Gov. Scott Walker on Monday afternoon responded to comments President Barack Obama made earlier in the day about the protests in Madison: Walker’s … Continue reading

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Watching the Democratic Party Implode

Popcorn, anyone? From It is an implosion. It is the failure of “progressive” ideas Symbolically in recent weeks Robert Gibbs, his original press secretary, left and was replaced by Jay Carney. While Gibbs was facile, Carney is uncertain, hesitant, … Continue reading

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Environmtally friendly toilets stink up the joint in San Francisco – Bob Parks – Canada Free Press

ELF sets fire to a new apartment complex or car dealership to protest damage to the environment only to cause multitudes more damage to the environment with their protest than what could ever have been caused by the objects of … Continue reading

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Obama’s Department of Injustice Targets Popular Republican Governor

The Obama administration has refused to enforce the voter list integrity provisions while making the welfare agency registration law their top priority. Motor Voter also requires military recruitment centers to offer voter registration. DOJ tends to disregard recruitment centers in … Continue reading

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Immigration and Naturalization Process in the US

Via Brent Wood Getting a visa, being sponsored by relatives for a green card (permanent resident card) or getting a green card through one’s own eligibility are the commonly used immigration procedures to enter the United States. You can enter … Continue reading

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Libyan turmoil, $100 per barrel oil fuel Republican drilling push on Capitol Hill – The Hill

Dipping into our reserves is NOT a solution to our energy ills! If anything, it’s a security risk. Democrat and green group statements that increased drilling in the US would do nothing to immediately impact prices are nothing more than … Continue reading

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Quantitative Easing Explained

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