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Environmentalism as a surrogate religion

It may be “secular,” but environmentalism makes Mother Earth its object of special devotion. Environmentalism has replaced religion for many of its adherents. The ending “-ism” denotes a way of thinking, perceiving and structuring one’s life.  Every “ism” is based … Continue reading

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Barack Obama’s decision to play golf on Memorial Day was disrespectful and hardly presidential – Niles Gardiner, The Telegraph

Tee time… At least he showed up at Arlington this year. And he wasn’t wearing his nickers… Can you imagine David Cameron enjoying a round of golf on Remembrance Sunday? It would be inconceivable for the British Prime Minister to … Continue reading

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Pic of the Day: where your children’s money is going

    I’m guessing that you have to be rich or destitute to afford lobster and caviar. But they DID save us $8.00 by shopping at Angeli’s. That’s something. I guess…   For the record, I haven’t bought lobster in … Continue reading

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Pay attention to sunspot forecasts!

Sunspots now predict a 30-year cooling, to be delivered by the Pacific Ocean’s shift into its cool phase. This development will have massive importance to Planet Earth. Humans have known for 400 years—since Galileo—that sunspots correlate with climate changes on … Continue reading

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Yet More Undeniable Evidence of Global Warming Fraud – Roger F. Gay,

The only problem with AGW climate scientists is that they don’t do science. Actual science requires the employment of the Scientific Process and that’s the part they leave out…. I was disappointed upon seeing a Global Warming “science” pitch recently … Continue reading

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Foreign Land – Krista Branch

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The True Meaning of Memorial Day

No commentary required…  

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