Planned Parenthood of Joplin, MO will give you free birth control and abortions.

Planned Parenthood’s answer to any disaster – natural or ‘man made’ – is free abortions and birth control…

Locusts? We’ll give you a free abortion.

Famine? Don’t worry about eating – We’ll give you a free abortion.

Water turned to blood? Hey, an abortion should fix you right up!

Darkness? An abortion should brighten your day!

Is your house on fire? Wow… Sounds like you could really use an abortion.

Had an abortion that you regret? Come on in and we’ll give you another one to help you forget.

Got tooth decay? Here! We’ll give you an abortion!

Whatever your disaster, you can count on PP to be there for you…

God Help Us…

In 2001 Planned Parenthood of NYC offered free abortions to women who lost a husband or boyfriend in the attacks on 9/11.  What a wonderful sentiment to send to grieving women; (Lost your husband? Let us kill his child for free). 

Planned Parenthood of Joplin, MO is following suit and offering their services for free to victims of the Tornado.

The Joplin independent reports:

Planned Parenthood, 710 Illinois Ave., Joplin, is providing free medical services throughout the month of June. Included in the offering of a variety of health services for both men and women are distribution of free reproductive medications, blood pressure testing, diabetes and cholesterol screening and other reproductive health services.

I have an idea. Lets take the 350 million dollars in taxpayer money from Planned Parenthood and send that to Joplin, MO for some relief that actually need. It makes me sick that our government can continue to keep the blinders on their eyes as Planned Parenthood wreaks havoc on America.

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