CNBC Reporter Amazed By His Trip to the Bakken in Williston, North Dakota

WILLISTON, ND – “I don’t think that anyone understands what’s going on in Williston, North Dakota, and the stories are just unbelievable,” said Brian Shactman of CNBC News. “Wherever you stand on the oil issue and the environmental issue, real people that need jobs are getting jobs and not just affecting people in North Dakota.”

“The industry is doing whatever they can to mitigate the [environmental] risk [of fracking fluids],” Shactman observed, noting that he was not trying to make any political statement on the issue. “I can guarantee you that every single company out here that has enough money is also researching what ways they can do it in a more organic way. They want to be able to continue working out here…There’s just too much oil here and too much in profits.”


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