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Other Story Links 10/31/2011

10/31/2011 Coulter: The Most Vicious, Racist Comments Come From The Left Against Conservative Blacks Cain confirms “false accusations” of sexual harassment

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OWS Just Like The TEA Party? I Think Not…

If you’re having a hard time articulating the differences between the OWS crowd and the TEA Party, this should give you a pretty good idea why the two are NOT the same…  

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Obama to Donors: Get Me Re-Elected or Face the Horror of Self-Reliance – Doug Powers via Michelle Malkin

What’s wrong with self reliance? Nothing, but listening to the President, you would think it’s some sort of scourge or punishment for surviving birth (a somewhat difficult thing to do in this day and age, but that’s another topic). Independence … Continue reading

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Supported by Communists and Nazis – OWS should be an easy target

From Once again conservatives are fumbling a sure opportunity to deal the opposition a crippling blow. The Occupy Wall Street movement is an easy target — a fat, slow dirigible topped up with hydrogen and just waiting for the … Continue reading

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News Busted 10/25/2011

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Lessons America must learn from Greece to avoid our own debt crisis

From Greece is in the throes of one of the worst fiscal crises in the history of the industrialized world.  Decades of profligate government spending, deficit-spending, and exorbitant taxes that were often evaded made Greece acutely vulnerable—economically, politically, and … Continue reading

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Greek to U.S.?

This video is almost perfect, but the end needs an emergency fix. Our founding fathers looked to the Romans to create a Republic, because they KNEW that Democracies do not work as majority mob rule destroy nations.

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