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Abortion Outrage: Zo Explains the Difference Between Rights and Food

Abortion activist Ludwig Gaines made some outrageous allegations about the pro-life movement. Zo responds to this Planned Parenthood controversy and explains why and how the Democrats have arrested the development of the Black community.  

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Obama Campaign Tries Intimidation to Boost Fundraising – Mike Flynn, BigGovernment

Despite the herculean efforts of the national media, President Obama’s reelection campaign continues to fall short of its groundbreaking “Hope and Change” campaign in 2008. In January, its fundraising haul actually fell below the level raised in January 2008, when … Continue reading

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More from Kira Davis.. She pulls no punches..

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My Apology to President Karzai – Kira Davis (Wow…)

This lady has more and bigger than the President…    

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Ghandi’s 7 Dangers To Human Virtue

And how many of us can see ourselves on this list?

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White House “forgets” to include 11 million unemployed in their unemployment calculations

More on the number of unemployed who aren’t being counted as unemployed.  If you are out of work, have not been able to find a job, have given up on looking or have just run out of unemployment benefits, you … Continue reading

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Thomas Del Beccaro Why Aren’t the Democrats Keynesian on Taxes? Thomas Del Beccaro, Big Government

Here’s a shocker – Even Keynes thought that lower tax rates would be better than tax hikes to stimulate the economy. But everybody seems to be missing this… So why do Democrats, so enthusiastic about Keynsian economics, skip the parts … Continue reading

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