Disrespect at Tomb of the Unknown

Here’s a case of “this person couldn’t have had much of an upbringing”.

First, she behaved this way at all. Second, she put it up on her Facebook page for all the world to see. She has no class and she has no common sense.

Now she is paying the price…

I had originally thought of giving her name in this post but decided against it because, rather than make this about one person, I would like to make a quick observation about the current state of culture in America.

Sadly, the vulgarity and disrespect shown by this woman is typical of millions of young (and not a few older) people today. They seem to have no sense of decency, no respect for our country, our history or their fellow countrymen.

They have no pride and they exhibit only enough responsibility to get them what they want.

They have been brought up to believe there are no consequences for their actions. They have been given awards and trophies merely for showing up at whatever activities their “parents” (or “parent”) dropped them off to participate in.

They have rarely, if ever, been blessed with a swat on the butt when they have screwed up royally, and they have probably never had much discipline of any sort that was carried through to the promised conclusion.

They have been given everything and have been denied nothing.

They have never been taught basic manners, but are able to drop “F” bombs into any question, statement or response they may be called upon to make. And they can do it without reservation.

They have only limited loyalty to any person or anything other than themselves, and that loyalty only goes long enough to feed their own wants and desires.

Who is raising these kids?

Her employer is taking steps. I would think that there are enough people looking for a job right now that they can easily fill her spot if they decide to make her unpaid leave of absence permanent.

If so, this may be the first bit of discipline she has had in her lifetime.

And maybe she will learn some manners from the experience. I hope so…

Here’s their Facebook page…  http://www.facebook.com/LIFECapeCod

Her Facebook page is, somehow, gone…

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2 Responses to Disrespect at Tomb of the Unknown

  1. kateyleigh says:

    Sadly, this is a generation raised to self determine what they feel is right and wrong rather than be taught right, wrong and where boundaries.are. They weren’t taught what is appropriate, and what isn’t. She’s a good example of current child rearing theory which is expressed by ‘if it feels good, do it’.

    I’d like to agree maybe they’ll learn something constructive by our definition from this, but I doubt it.

  2. SimplySage says:

    I already saw this on Facebook. I believe in humor but this is sick!

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