Egypt’s Morsi Takes Dictatorial Powers

Hmmm… In America, the President does this with Executive Orders..

Egypt’s president on Thursday issued constitutional amendments that placed him above judicial oversight and ordered the retrial of Hosni Mubarak for the killing of protesters in last year’s uprising.

Mohammed Morsi also decreed immunity for the Islamist-dominated panel drafting a new constitution from any possible court decisions to dissolve it, a threat that had been hanging over the controversial assembly.

The Egyptian leader also decreed that all decisions he has made since taking office in June and until a new constitution is adopted and a new parliament is elected — which is not expected before next spring — are not subject to appeal in court or by any other authority. He also barred any court from dissolving the Islamist-led upper house of parliament, a largely toothless body that has also faced court cases.

It really is way beyond time to stop supporting the Morsi government.

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  2. SimplySage says:

    Wow. Another dictator. This one fueled by something far more dangerous. Muslim Brotherhood = Terrorists in suits.

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