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What happens when you raise the minimum wage to $15.00/hour…

These politicians are morons. I think Econ 101 should be a requirement for elected officials. So should military service with an honorable discharge. Consumers Hit With Surcharge to Cover City’s $15 Minimum Wage

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Recovery? We’ve Had A Recovery?

The Obama administration is excited about the economic “recovery”. There are now more Americans out of work, given up looking for a job, working part-time and/or receiving government assistance than there are Americans working full time. If you count all … Continue reading

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Paula Priesse – Flipping Hamburgers…

Not sure I understand the logic behind going on strike at McDonald’s because you can’t support your family on McDonald’s wages. It’s like going on strike and demanding that you lose your job… August 30th – The great American philosopher, … Continue reading

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Rubio’s Amnesty Hurts the American Worker

Help stop the Gang of 8 from passing anti-America legislation that hurts the American worker!

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Tell me again who caused the housing bubble?

The short and sweet version… Not that the Republicans are without blame – they wimped out in Congress when the Democrats opposed changes that would have helped… And this…

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The White House Wants to Cap Your Retirement Savings

First they raid our SS funds to blow on pet projects. Then they refused to, at least, partially privatize SS. Now they want to restrict our retirement savings accounts. I wonder who will get the exemptions in this program… At … Continue reading

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The sequester is not actually causing the sky to fall, but the Obama administration might…

Hair on fire! Hair on fire! The National Drug Intelligence Center is going to lose $2 million of it’s $20 million dollar budget in the sequester! Actually, since that agency no longer exists, they would be glad to only lose … Continue reading

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