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Presidential Responses to Terrorism


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You’ve Got A Friend? Easy Listening Diplomacy… What The Hell Just Happened?

Seriously? No, really – Seriously? We have now resorted to “easy listening” diplomacy? How does this happen to the greatest, most powerful nation in the history of the world? Radical Islamists must be  heaving their lunches up in laughter. While … Continue reading

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Obama has alienated some of our European allies

What many Germans are saying about Obama now… It’s very telling that there’s a groundswell of resentment to Obama with posts like this, found on a German site: “There are voices in Germany that demand to close all American and … Continue reading

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Obama Melts Down…

Maybe it’s jet lag. Maybe it’s the sleeping pills. Whatever. Barack Obama has melted down. Reality has slipped his grip like a wet salmon. Obama has always been one to take credit for everything (“I got Bin Laden”) and own … Continue reading

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CNN: Benghazi Talking Points Edited Beyond Accuracy

Even CNN is talking about the Obama administration’s handling of Benghazi – negatively… And even CNN is saying it’s not partisan politics…

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What difference does it make now, Hillary? – Kimberly Morin

Other things that also became clear during the hearings today were as follows: It was Hillary Clinton who sent Ambassador Stevens to Benghazi as she wanted it to become a permanent outpost. Clinton knew that there were previous attacks as … Continue reading

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Clinton Injured, US Navy Seal Killed In Secret US Mission To Iran?

via Michael Yon The European Union Times is reporting a very different story about Hillary Clinton than what is coming out of U.S. mainstream media. I have no way to gauge the veracity of the EUT story, but merely publish it here for the record: A … Continue reading

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