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Maafa21 – Racism – Eugenics – American Eugenics Society – American Birth Control League – Planned Parenthood: History of Planned Parenthood

African Americans are voting themselves out of existence… This is staggering… When African Americans on the street were asked the question “What would you say is the number one cause of death in the African American community?” they came up … Continue reading

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Free Stuff…

From email… I AM FORWARDING THIS EMAIL TO A FEW OF THE “THINKERS” IN MY ADDRESS BOOK.  IT REFLECTS THE FEELINGS OF A LOT OF TRUE AMERICANS. I have never heard this said as simply or as well. Class war … Continue reading

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GOP War On Poor People…???

I was in line at the grocery store tonight when I saw the current issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. It was advertising a story titled “The GOP War On Poor People”. Unbelievable… Then I thought about it and realized that … Continue reading

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Liberalism’s Subjective ‘Red Line’

While President Obama and John Kerry are (rightly, if not genuinely) shocked and disgusted that children are being murdered in Syria, they go out of their way to support it’s moral equivalent here in America and around the world. In … Continue reading

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Chomsky: Obama is ‘dedicated to increasing terrorism’

Well, Bill Ayers thinks Obama should be tried for war crimes, and now Noam Chomsky says Obama is intentionally trying to increase terrorism around the world. These are not conservative TEA Party types. These are leftists who support Obama. Chomsky: … Continue reading

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You want to know what evil looks like? Take a good look…

The United States (under the Obama Administration) and United Nations are requiring adoption of “sexual rights” policies as a condition for funds for fighting AIDS. In the process, they are raising the infection rates around the world. You want to … Continue reading

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The White House Wants to Cap Your Retirement Savings

First they raid our SS funds to blow on pet projects. Then they refused to, at least, partially privatize SS. Now they want to restrict our retirement savings accounts. I wonder who will get the exemptions in this program… At … Continue reading

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