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Headgear Hunt: Discovering The Best Helmets Under 5000

by Simmy

Embarking on the quest for the ideal headgear is an essential journey for every motorcycle enthusiast. In the pursuit of safety and style, riders often find themselves at the crossroads of choice. This exploration, however, becomes even more critical when considering factors such as third-party bike insurance, the renewal of motorcycle insurance, and the overall importance of vehicle insurance. In this guide, we unravel the tapestry of options, delving into the world of the best helmets under 5000, ensuring that riders ride in style and with a steadfast shield of protection. *

  1. SMK Twister Logo: Starting At Rs. 4,300

The SMK Twister Logo is a full-face helmet with pin lock technology featuring a thermoplastic shell for durability and aerodynamics. It has a quick-release buckle, detachable machine-washable padding, and adjustable air vents. Certified by DOT, ECE, and ISI, it is priced competitively, starting at Rs. 4,300.

  1. Steelbird SA-2 Terminator 2.0 – Cost: Starting At Rs. 3,300

Known for its eye-catching graphics, the Steelbird SA-2 Terminator 2.0 boasts a high-impact resistant thermoplastic shell. Equipped with a quick-release micrometric buckle, breathable padding, and a ready-for-pin-lock visor, it is ISI-certified and starts at an affordable Rs. 3,300.

  1. Axor Apex Venomous – Cost: Starting At Rs. 4,900

With a design inspired by a snake’s fangs, the Axor Apex Venomous is a top choice under 5,000 rupees. It features DOT, ISI, and ECE certifications weighing around 1.5 kg. Additional comforts include three air vents, an anti-fog visor, and a Double-D Ring Chin Strap, making it a strong contender at a starting price of Rs. 4,900.

  1. Axxis Draken B Trooper – Cost: Starting At Rs. 4,250

The Axxis Draken B Trooper stands out with its aggressive graphics and ABS material construction. Certified by DOT, ECE, and ISI, it offers stability and durability. The inner liner is washable, and the quick-release visor mechanism adds to its appeal, starting at Rs. 4,250.

  1. Royal Enfield Escapade – Cost: Starting At Rs. 3,500

A reliable choice under 5,000 rupees, the Royal Enfield Escapade features a high-impact ABS shell, neck protector, and washable padding. The metallic buckle with a quick release enhances its usability, making it an attractive option starting at Rs. 3,500.

  1. SMK Twister Blade: Starting At Rs. 4,600

The SMK Twister Blade offers a trendy design with dual visors, Bluetooth capabilities, and washable, detachable padding. Accredited by ISI and ECE, it starts at Rs. 4,600, making it a fashionable and safety-oriented choice.

As our headgear hunt concludes, it’s evident that our choices extend beyond aesthetics and comfort. The realm of motorcycle safety intertwines with considerations like third-party bike insurance and the renewal of motorcycle insurance, reinforcing the need for a comprehensive approach to rider well-being. In the world of helmets under 5000, the options explored here cater to style-conscious riders and those who prioritise the significance of vehicle insurance.

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