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On the Vineyard, Obama fever is no longer raging

Obama’s failures in just 18 months

Chris Smith on Joe Biden and China’s One-Child Policy

First Lady accused of spending $10 M in public money on her vacations

Israeli Columnist Shreds “Disaster Called Obama” In Oped


Report: ‘Surprising’ Anger at Obama in Heavily Dem Congressional District

Black’s Dilemma with Obama

Scandalous Obama DOJ Official Departs

Food stamps to save the economy

Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

Disarmed Britons Helpless Against Rioters

Michelle Obama comes prepared for a beach day with Barack


Obama’s Social Security Number – They Now Know Who’s It Really Is

Communist Party USA – Jobs Growth Plan For 2010

I’m Takin’ A Vacation! – Obama Livin’ High While The Country Languishes

Food stamps to save the economy


Operation Gun Runner: Welcome To Obamagate

Watch The Bloody History Of Communism

The Green Subsidy-Job Loss Nexus

Connecting the Dots: Texas Employment Growth; a Dissenting Vote; and the Ugly Truth (With Reference to P.G. Wodehouse)


Warming advocates finally use the ‘Alien Invasion’ excuse 

RNC Chairman Turns Tables On Cnn Anchor

EPA war on coal plants threatens air conditioning and public health

Obama: “Bad Luck’ – Charles Krauthammerer

Jobless Claims In US Higher Than Expected

ACLU hails “landmark” ruling against U.S. by international human rights body

Obama concedes health care law won’t control costs


Obama’s Getaway Vacation Post Cards From Martha’s Vinyard – Send them to your friends

Obama’s Cheap Shot

Welcome To Detroit: A City Run By Socialist Democrats

Bitter Cold Hits Hell After Nation Editor Credits Private Sector In States That are “Doing Well”

Black caucus: Tired of making excuses for Obama


Seattle’s “green jobs” program a bust


Gallup – New Low of 26% Approve of Obama on the Economy

National Right to Work Act Petition


Obama Approval Rating Now At 39%

Failure: Over $14 Mil Spent on Wisc. Recall By Liberal Groups, Unions

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