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When Radical Islamists want respect, they will do this…

Courageous words from a courageous woman…

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We know Obamacare.. Now meet “Obamawar”…

Foreign policy weakness = death… While debating Mitt Romney this fall, Barack Obama declared that he had decided to embrace the term “Obamacare” – a name originally coined and to that point only used by its detractors to tie the … Continue reading

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Rome is Burning; Obama Fiddles at The View – Kira Davis, Politichicks

Last week Obama turned down a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu citing a “scheduling conflict”. Certainly that’s understandable. The leader of the free world has lots of commitments. With the economy upside down, the Middle East exploding in … Continue reading

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One State Solution

Sounds logical to me…     Click here to read more…

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Disturbing Questions about President Obama’s Vision for Israel

Obama has not only thrown Israel under the bus – He has been throwing America under the bus since before he came into office. And he has been backing up, driving forward and backing up over us over and over … Continue reading

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Donald Trump is mad as hell

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BHO attributes things to Islam that don’t exist there – racial equality, tolerance, dignity of all human beings

Obama’s Ramadan blessing There’s a whole lot of pretending going on in our world today. We have a federal judge ruling that the 5,000-year-old institution of marriage was “biased” and immoral from the start because of the way it discriminated … Continue reading

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