What We Believe – Bill Whittle

This is a great series by Bill Whittle that explains conservatism in clear and concise terms.. Hope you enjoy it.. And I hope you get a better understanding of America, the principles on which it was founded and the ideals that made us great..

Part 1:  Small Government and Free Enterprise

Part 2: The Problem with Elitism

Part 3: Wealth Creation

Part 4: Natural Law

Part 5: Gun Rights

Part 6: Immigration

Part 7: American Exceptionalism

3 Responses to What We Believe – Bill Whittle

  1. I thought you might enjoy this article which ties into your global warming & aliens post – http://toddkinsey.com/blog/2011/08/17/democrats-use-science-as-a-weapon-2/

    Keep up the good work,


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